Property Management Services

As Landlords ourselves, we are keenly aware of the significant amount a poorly managed rental property can cost. Rental errors, rents set at below market levels, and changes in market condition or legislative requirements are among the factors that can reduce the optimum return on a landlords investment. We believe our personal service provides the best possible guarantee against our clients suffering any of these adverse conditions. Every landlord and every rental property is fully known by the O'Neills Real Estate staff. Every rental payment is monitored daily and immediate action is taken to address any arrears that may fall due. All rents are regularly reviewed to ensure our landlords are receiving the full amount to which they are entitled.

Furthermore this personel service is provided at a charge of only 7% plus gst of rental income collected. This is well below the rate charged by some managers. No Compromise on service with extremely competitive rate- an unbeatable deal for landlords. Nor is the competitive cost of our service limited to our base rate, we also add no fees to bills for work carried out or water rates biils which means our landlords only pay for the service provided.

If you own property and require professional property management, we recommend that you find out more about our team, and contact us to schedule an appointment today. Licensed Under The Real Estate Agents Act 2008

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